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For more than forty years Archaeological Tours has been setting the standard of what constitutes a great archaeological and historical study tour.

You choose from a variety of superbly planned itineraries. If it’s on our itinerary, it has been personally researched and visited by at least one of our staff. We make sure your travels to distant places will be rewarded by total immersion in the archaeology, history and culture of the areas you visit. Hotel accommodations are chosen not only for comfort, but also for their in-town locations – so that you will have lively places to stroll in the evenings.

You learn from gifted scholars who are also spellbinding lecturers. Our lecturers are distinguished faculty from respected universities. We choose them not only for the breadth and depth of their knowledge, but also for their ability to fascinate their listeners, their passion for sharing what they know, and their sociability.

We offer you highly personalized service – the kind that only a small, dedicated company like ours can provide. We’re there for you with person-to-person advice, ideas, insights, and to make specialized arrangements (such as hotel bookings or other travel arrangements before or after your tour.) Moreover, you can count on us to give you reliable advice because every member of our staff is also one of our experienced tour escorts who knows our destinations.

We’re careful about your well being abroad. In addition to the lecturer, a member of our staff and one of our local guides accompanies each tour. The guides are chosen for their reliability, enthusiasm, knowledge of the local culture and ability to cut through red tape on your behalf. Our accessibly priced tours are the right size to offer you a variety of companions, but not so many that you feel like part of a herd.