What can you expect when you travel with Archaeological Tours?

Superb Itineraries

If it’s on our itinerary, it has been personally researched and visited by at least one of our team. This way, we can ensure that when you travel to distant lands, you will be rewarded with deep insight into the archaeology, history and culture of your destination. This is just as true whether you are touring local villages in the Ghanian savannah, or walking the prehistoric landscapes around Stonehenge.

Noted Scholars

Travel with distinguished faculty members of respected universities and museums. Our lecturers are chosen not only for the breadth and depth of their knowledge, but also for their ability to fascinate their listeners, and share the passion they have for their chosen subject. A great number of our lecturers have toured with us for many years and are very much attuned to the subtleties of what makes an outstanding tour.

Highly Personalized Service

The kind that only a small, dedicated company like ours can provide. We’re here for you whatever you need: person-to-person advice, ideas, insights, or specialized arrangements (hotel bookings or other travel arrangements). You can really count on us to give you reliable advice – every member of our staff is also one of our experienced tour escorts and know our destinations inside out.

Depth and Breadth

Ranging from 12 to 21 days, our tours allow you time to totally immerse yourself in the places we visit. For many of us, a trip to Ancient Egypt, Burma or Central Asia is a once in a lifetime experience. We plan not only archaeological but art, music and cultural visits into our programs. You can’t go all the way to Malta and miss seeing the Caravaggio hidden away in one of the Churches of Valletta. Equally, you don’t want to miss the chance to hear the unique tones of Classical Indian music – as intrinsic to the country’s history as the Taj Mahal.

Camaraderie of Fellow Travelers

Most of our tours have around 18-24 participants, and we think this number of travelers is ‘just right’. Small groups which offer sociability, companionship and a sense of shared experience but most importantly don’t crowd you, or make you feel like part of the herd.

A Sense of Adventure

Travel broadens the mind. It stimulates, educates and inspires. At Archaeological Tours we never limit our ambition and seek out first-rate archaeology and history wherever it can be found. In 2016 you will find tours to Ghana, China, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Japan as well as Latin America and Classical Europe. Even in the modern age of globalization, there are still a wondrous variety of cultures, landscapes and histories waiting to be discovered beyond our own shores.

Your Safety First

The security and political stability of every country we visit is carefully considered and monitored throughout the year. We keep in constant touch with our local experts ‘on the ground’ all over the world to remain informed. Every tour is accompanied by a member of the Archaeological Tours staff who has your safety as their highest priority.

4* & 5* Hotels at the Highest Standard

These days, there is no reason to sacrifice comfort or convenience while you travel the world! We seek out the very best hotels for you. Our international standard hotels are well-located for our touring, restaurants and culture. You can find details of all our hotels at the end of each day in the tour itineraries. If you would like any more information or have any questions please get in touch.

Flights Personalized for You

More than 50% of our travelers choose to book their flights with Archaeological Tours. All of our dedicated staff are specialists in organizing air travel. They are very happy to make arrangements for you, from airports across the country.

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