Tours Team


We’ve joined forces with Specialist Journeys, a UK company with several travel partners. This terrific arrangement has really helped us with a lot of our back office detail. A lot of time has been freed up to do what we love the most: planning new tours, improving our itineraries and talking with all of you. Rest assured that despite this change, our wonderful staff remain unchanged, and as always are here to assist you.


Olivia Oberndorf
General Manager

Olivia Oberndorf received her MA in Mediterranean Archaeology from University College London. She spent three summers excavating on the beautiful little island of Menorca and is particularly interested in the prehistoric people and megalithic architecture of the Mediterranean.


Suman Shetty 
Operations Manager

Suman Shetty has a great love for travel, sparked by her childhood vacations within India. This led her to take up a career in organizing and escorting groups to different countries in the Far East — the perfect background for working with Archaeological Tours!


Sarah Bertisch 
Sales Executive

Sarah Bertisch received her Masters in Management, Enterprise, and Business Growth from the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow and her BA in Archaeology from The American University of Rome. With a passion for culture, art, and traveling, she recently reached her goal of visiting over 30 countries before turning 30.


Rosalind Wallduck 
Product Manager

Rosalind Wallduck completed her Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge before working at the Natural History Museum (London, UK) as a post-doctoral researcher and anthropologist. Her specialties are Prehistoric burial customs involving body division, microscopic techniques for the analysis of tool marks on bone, and funerary taphonomy.



Steven Williams
Customer Care Executive

Received his MA in museum studies from New York University and his BA in history and archaeology from the University of Massachusetts Boston. His academic interests include the colonization of the Americas with a concentration in Latin American and Caribbean, and African Diaspora. His passions are twofold; creating more inclusive, community-minded learning institutions and spending time adventuring as an avid outdoorsman.


Staci Owen
Sales Executive

Staci Owen’s passion for travel started with a solo trip to Europe at the age of 18. The desire to understand other cultures and places has taken her around the world. Even at home in NYC she acts the tourist and most weekends is out exploring obscure museums and little know historical sites.


Melanie Samad
Customer Care Executive

Melanie received her BA in Anthropology and Religion from Rutgers University New Brunswick, with a specialized focus in the Anthropology of Religion and Biblical Archaeology. She has four seasons of Archaeological field experience, including one season at the Rutgers Archaeological Field School in Vacone, Italy and three seasons at Dig Mt. Zion in Jerusalem.