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The Kingdom of Nepal
plus an optional 3-days at the Royal Chitwan National Park
The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, a land of lush valleys and majestic mountains, teems with lavish medieval temples and ancient sites. Our journey will take us to many of its fascinating ancient cities, temples and monuments. With Kathmandu as our base, we will travel throughout the Kathmandu valley visiting the towns renowned for artisans and craftsmen who have produced some of the true masterpieces of South Asian art. A highlight of our tour will be the architecture around Bandipur and our three days in Pokhara, nestled amid the snow-capped mountains. Our tour concludes with Lumbini where we will follow in the footsteps of the historical Buddha, and have the opportunity to observe ordinary people in their devotions amidst the sublime precincts of Nepal’s sacred landscape. For those of you who love the Himalayans, this tour provides an opportunity to explore Nepal in-depth.

Aug. 31 – Sept 15


Led by Prof. Gregory Hillis
University of California, Santa Barbara
Nortern India Buddha

Northern India
Visiting ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this amazing tour takes us from the palaces and fortresses of the wonderful Rajasthani cities of Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur, and the breathtaking Taj Mahal, to the sacred ghats and temples in Varanasi. Additional highlights of this special tour include visits to the lovely Hindu temples in Khajuraho, renowned for their voluptuous sculptures; the magnificent Buddhist temples spanning the whole range of Indian Buddhist art at Sanchi, as well as the wonderful museums and Neolithic cave paintings near Bhopal.
Brochure Available Soon 

Feb. 20 Mar. 8, 2016

Led by Prof. Daniel White
University of  North Carolina at  Charlotte