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Great Museums of New York and Washington, DC

If you’re yet to experience an Archaeological Tours adventure, this is the perfect starter tour. Led by experts in the field, we focus on the key museums and galleries across New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Enjoy unrivaled insight and access to some of the world’s greatest collections.

April 23 – 29, 2018
September 24 – 30, 2018
7 Days

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Tour Description


  • Take an out-of-hours tour through the hallowed halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Learn more about the lives, languages, literature, history and arts of the Native Americans of the Western Hemisphere

  • Discover some of the world’s most exciting artworks at a stunning selection of galleries and museums
  • Enjoy an evening at the New York City Ballet or the Metropolitan Opera


New York Museums
NYC is certainly the culture capital of the US. With so many wonderful museums to choose from it’s hard to limit ourselves to just a few – but we think we’ve chosen the very best. Wander through the fossil-filled halls of the American Museum of Natural History. Enjoy out-of-hours access to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – one of the world’s largest and finest art museums – and feel inspired amongst MOMA’s mammoth collection of modernist art. It’s rare that the outside of a building excites as much as the inside – but that’s certainly the case at the Guggenheim. We’ll also beat the crowds with out-of-hours access to the New York Historical Society Museum.

Washington Museums
During our two-day stay in Washington DC, we take in a selection of Smithsonian Museums. We begin with the National Museum of the American Indian, where the indigenous landscaping and exhibitions have been designed in collaboration with tribes and communities across the hemisphere. Visit the only national museum devoted exclusively to African American life, history, and culture. Discover everything from the earliest ‘star-spangled banners’ to Dorothy’s ruby slippers at the Museum of American History. Finally, explore much more modern history at the National Air & Space Museum.

The Perfect Starter Tour
New York City and Washington DC are home to a wonderful selection of museums and galleries. If you long to find out more about the ancient world, but aren’t sure where you’d like to visit first, why not start with our museum adventure instead? During our time in ‘the city that never sleeps’ we also make time for a cultural break – from the New York City Ballet to the Metropolitan Opera and all manner of other exciting spots, we’ll be spoiled for choice for where to visit. On our way from New York City to Washington DC, we stop in Philadelphia to visit the superb exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


April 2018
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September 2018
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