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Explore a Nordic island nation of magnificent natural beauty. From Reykjavík, we travel along the Golden ring and then venture into the northern reaches of Iceland before returning to the capital. Travel through the volcanic landscape and explore Iceland’s archaeology, from Viking settlements to the location of the oldest existing parliament in the world.

July 30 – August 12, 2018 (14 Days)
$8,995(exc. international airfare)
Single supp: $1,475
All meals included


Tour Description

Travel along the Golden Circle, venturing into the northern reaches of Iceland. Wander through volcanic landscape and explore Icelandic archaeology – from Viking settlements to the location of the oldest existing parliament in the world.


  • Experience the delights of colourful, cultural and cosmopolitan Reykjavik
  • Travel the Golden Circle and discover breathtaking natural wonders, Viking settlements and more along the way

  • Meet some of Iceland’s most majestic – and largest – residents on an unforgettable whale watching excursion
  • Explore the Mosfell Archaeological Project’s excavations, where fascinating discoveries are ongoing

Meals: All breakfasts, 13 lunches & 12 dinners

July 2018

2018 Itinerary

Our flight departs for Iceland, landing on the morning of Day 2.

We arrive in the capital city of Reykjavik, Iceland’s earliest and largest settlement, which was founded by Norsemen as long ago as 874 AD. This afternoon we relax at our historic four-star hotel, before enjoying an introductory lecture from our Guide Scholar. Following this, a delicious welcome dinner is served.
Hotel: Hotel Borg, Reykjavik

Our exploration of Reykjavik begins with a guided walking tour of the city – a chance to get to know our new surroundings at a pleasantly leisurely pace. We make our way to Hofsstadir Historic Park, where a local archaeologist brings the ghosts of a Viking-era longhouse to life.

The legacy of the Viking longhouse continues at our next stop, the Settlement Exhibition, an interactive museum based around the remains of a 10th-century settlement, at which we find traces of Iceland’s oldest man-made structure: an ancient boundary wall.

Pausing for lunch at a Scandinavian restaurant, this afternoon we pay a visit to the Culture House, viewing a wealth of national art and artifacts, before continuing on to the National Museum of Iceland. Don’t miss the museum’s excellent settlement section, with its collection of drinking horns and mythological sculptures.

Tonight we dine together at a restaurant in the city.
Hotel: Hotel Borg, Reykjavik

We start the morning with a short drive out to the Hafnarfjördur History Museum, a former port warehouse now housing collections of regional cultural artifacts. Following this we make our way to Viking World in Reykjanesbaer. We take lunch here, and view Islendingur, an astounding replica of a 9th-century ship.

This afternoon we stop at the Arbaer Open Air Museum, a reconstructed village offering a glimpse in to Reykjavik’s historic past, with costumed guides, domestic animals, and more than 20 buildings open to explore.

We return to our hotel for a short break, before making the most of the Scandinavian summer nights with an evening whale watching tour.
Hotel: Hotel Borg, Reykjavik

After breakfast we take our leave of the capital and travel to the Mosfell Archaeological Project, an international collaboration seeking to understand the lives of the early settlers in this verdant valley region, including details of their customs, trade links and agricultural techniques.

This afternoon we head to Thingvellir National Park, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage site which was once the home of the Althing, Iceland’s parliament. Founded in 930 AD, the Althing is the oldest parliament in the world, and held outdoor assemblies here until the end of the 18th century. Today this rugged landscape is protected as a national monument.

We continue on to our luxurious hotel in the lava fields, and unwind over an evening meal with the group.
Hotel: Ion Adventure Hotel, Nesjavellir

Our sixth day begins with a drive east to Skálholt, which was one of Iceland’s leading religious, cultural and political centers for several centuries. It was here, in 1056, that Iceland’s first bishopric was established. Skálholt was also site to the country’s first school – an institution founded that same year to educate the clergy.

While here we enter Skálholt Church – the cathedral’s most recent incarnation – tour the neighboring excavation site, at which relics and coffins have so far been unearthed, and visit a reconstructed turf house.

After stopping for lunch at the family-run Fridheimar Farm, where a glorious assortment of greenhouses grow Icelandic tomatoes all year round, the afternoon sees us exploring the geothermal area of Geysir, an extraordinary natural landscape of hot springs, geysers and bubbling mud.

We proceed to the vast stepped waterfall of Gullfoss before returning to our comfortable hotel for dinner and a well-earned rest.
Hotel: Ion Adventure Hotel, Nesjavellir

Our first stop today is the man-made cave at Hellnahellir, the largest artificial cave in all of Iceland. Dating from at least the 12th century – possibly much earlier – Hellnahellir’s walls display numerous cross marks, leading some to speculate that it was formerly a sanctuary for pre-Viking Irish monks. Our next stop is the excavation site at Thjodveldisbaerinn, where we find the ruins of a Viking manor.

Following a picnic lunch, we make our way over to Stöng, a Viking-era farm which has been painstakingly dug out from layers of lava and reconstructed. We round off the day at the modern Saga Center in Hvolsvöllur, a museum based on the 13th-century tales of the Njáls Saga. An engaging overview of Viking life, the museum also offers an optional introduction to tapestry weaving.

Tonight we stay at the exceptional Skógafoss Hotel, in the shadow of the Eyjafjalla Glacier.
Hotel: Stracta Hotel, Hella

We spend much of this morning at the Skogar Museum, a complex housing some 15,000 folk craft artifacts. On site we discover a host of reconstructed local buildings, including a church, school, and turf houses, as well as the famous eight-oared fishing boat Pétursey. Next we head for Iceland Erupts, a unique exhibition at the foot of Eyjafjallajökul, the volcano which famously brought worldwide flights to a standstill in 2010.

Pausing for lunch, our journey continues via the recently excavated site at Kirkjubaejarklaustur, a settlement farm which sits amid the ruins of an ancient convent.

Before the day is done we get up close to the magnificent Glacier Tongue of Skaftafellsjökull, a spell-binding encounter with one of Iceland’s coolest wonders.
Hotel: Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon, Vatnajokull

The natural landscape continues to wow us today, as we visit Jökulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, a magical lake of floating icebergs and brilliant blue water. We keep our eyes peeled for seals as we embark on a boat ride across the lagoon to the head of the Breidamerkurjökull glacier.

A spectacularly scenic drive follows lunch at the homely Holmur Farm. Later we stop at the harbor-side village of Stödvafjördur, ending the day amid the stupendous mountainous scenery of Hotel Bláfell.
Hotel: Fosshotel, Austerland

This morning we travel straight to the Skriduklaustur Museum and excavations. Here we discover traces of an Augustine monastery – the last to be established in Iceland’s Catholic era.

This afternoon we make our way to the lava fields of Dimmuborgir, or “Dark Castles”: an unusual landscape of volcanic rock formations, reminiscent of a vast and eerie fortress. According to legend, Dimmuborgir is where Satan came to earth when cast out of hell; an incredibly atmospheric destination with which to bring our tenth day to a close.
Hotel: Fosshotel, Husavik

Natural and man-made architecture blend seamlessly at our first stop of the day: the grass-covered Grenjadarstadur turf house is one of largest of its type in the country. Originally an agricultural settlement, in the 1950s it became a local museum, and provides us with an excellent opportunity to imagine life as it would have been for its 19th-century inhabitants.

We continue on to Godafoss Waterfall, one of Iceland’s most impressive natural sites: a mighty amphitheater of gushing icy water.

Our next destination is the fjord-fringed city of Akureyri – a historic port and trading center. Here we tour the Akureyri Museum, which boasts charming displays on regional life from the settlement era to the present day. A short drive then brings us to the Medieval trading center of Gásir. Featuring in many of the old Icelandic sagas, this once-flourishing settlement has recently been the focus of intensive excavations. Findings suggest that Gásir’s decline took place in the 16th century, at the same time trading as began in Akureyri.

On departure we head west, finishing the day with a feast of local cuisine at our hotel.
Hotel: Sigló Hotel, Siglufjörour

This morning we travel to the tiny community of Hólar, which was declared the Episcopal see of northern Iceland in the 10th century. While here we pay a visit to Hólar Cathedral, one of the country’s earliest stone churches, which was erected in 1763. We also take in the stunning log-house – a reconstruction of a former bishops’ residence –  and peer in to some tantalizing excavation trenches. Our morning continues at the Icelandic Emigration Center, a facility dedicated to the Icelandic immigrants of North America.

After lunch we visit Thingeyrar Church, another of Iceland’s early stone churches, and the site of the country’s first monastery. Don’t forget to look up before you go: Thingeyrar’s starry ceiling is quite something to behold.
Hotel: Hotel Laugarbakki, Midfjordur

Our final full day in Iceland begins with a trip to the amazing Viking longhouse at Eiriksstadir. This fascinating living museum was the birthplace of Leif Erikkson, the first European known to have discovered North America. These days a host of modern-day Vikings share their skills and knowledge across the site, making for a thoroughly immersive experience. We continue to Hraunsnef, a working farm, stopping to enjoy lunch in its peaceful hilltop setting.

As we make our way back to Reykjavik, we visit the Snorrastofa Center and excavations – a haven for Medieval enthusiasts. Snorrastofa is dedicated to the life and work of the Icelandic poet and politician, Snorri Sturluson, who was assassinated here in 1241.

Returning to the capital in the late afternoon, tonight we enjoy a decadent farewell dinner and drinks with the group. Skál!
Hotel: Hotel Borg, Reykjavik

We make our way to the airport and board our return flight home.

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Hotel Borg, ReykjavikHotel Borg

Hotel Borg is in the heart of Reykjavík, overlooking the square of Austurvöllur with the Icelandic parliament and the cathedral. You’ll be able to relax over your stay in the hotel’s Bar/ lounge & spa. All rooms have room service and are equipped with a mini-bar for chilled refreshments. The Hotel is a beautiful & historic hotel, which has been recently renovated in a 1920’s Art Deco style.



Ion Adventure Hotel, NesjavellirIon-Adventure

Your stay at Ion Adventure Hotel is a once in a lifetime experience, prepare to be captivated by its unforgettable design as the hotel itself emerges out of the surrounding rock below, and above in the clear sky, the Northern Lights are often known dance across the horizon. The glass walls give panoramic views across the mountains and lava fields and if that’s not all, the hotel is in the perfect location to continue our journey around Iceland.



Stracta Hotel, HellaStracta Hotel Hella

Our third hotel retains the Nordic style which you will have come to love on this tour around Iceland. The crisp whites, cool blue tones, and wood flooring reflect the mountainous and glacial landscape of its surroundings. Bringing the outside in, the hotel is a calm and tranquil setting to warm up and relax from today’s adventure.



Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon


In the south of Iceland, this hotel boasts rooms with a view, sauna and a deck to relax on with your morning coffee, once you’ve finished with the very generous breakfast buffet. The hotel has a very stylish bar/ restaurant and has high-speed WiFi to share the wonderful pictures of the neighboring waterfall or sea view.



Fosshotel, Austerland


Step into the wonderfully airy spaces on Fosshotel in the east of Iceland. The hotel is in the center of a lava field, with views stretching for miles across the flat landscape until the rocky outcrops in one direction and the world’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull in the other. The natural tones on the décor light up the room as the large floor to ceiling windows offer spectacular views across the landscape.




Sigló Hotel, Siglufjöroursiglo-hotel

One of our last stops on the tour, we descend the rocky Mountains to arrive at the beautiful Nordic fishing marina of Siglufjorour. The village is an explosion of color against the gray of towering cliffs which frame it. The hotel could be a home from home decorated in a contemporary style with wooden flooring and sloping chalet-style roofs creating a cozy space to end the day and, of course, the cushioned window seat allows you to take in your stunning surroundings from the warmth of your room.




This three-star Hotel is located in Laugarbakki Village. Relax in good sized rooms, with TV & Wifi or venture to the heated hot tubs outside, with a glass of something in hand from the Hotel’s bar. The breakfasts have a good selection of food, and even have a go at making your own waffles.