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Maya Mexico

It is the blend, and sometimes the clash, of native and European heritages that makes Mexico such a fascinating place. Although Maya civilizations have perished, the unique culture and traditions are still ever present throughout the region – allowing us to take a journey through a land which oozes history.

December 2 – 16, 2017 (15 Days)

$5995 (exc. international airfare)
Single supp: $1250


Tour Description


  • Encounter incredible sites, including the columned Temple of the Warriors, the dramatic Pyramid of Kukulkan and Kabah’s mask-covered palace.
  • Take a picturesque river trip on the Río Usumacinta, surrounded by a forest of trees draped with vines and orchids.

  • Discover Uxmal, the most spectacular ancient Maya city in the Yucatán peninsular.
  • Be on the look-out for colorful parrots and macaws flying overhead and monkeys scampering through the trees of the nature reserves we pass through.


December 2: CANCÚN
We arrive in Cancún.
Hotel: Fiesta Americana Condesa
Meals: Dinner

December 3: CHICHÉN ITZÁ
We begin at the Museo Maya de Cancún, which displays material from prehistoric stone tools to modern Maya life.
Hotel: Hotel & Bungalows Mayaland
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

December 4: EK BALAM
We tour the Maya city of Ek Balam, known for its unique sculpture, particularly the intricate Chenes-style doorway, which may have been the entrance to the tomb of Ukit-Kan-Lek-Tok. We return to Chichén Itzá, to tour the amazing city after lunch.
Hotel: Hotel & Bungalows Mayaland
Meals: Breakfast & lunch

December 5: NEW CHICHÉN
We spend most of the day studying New Chichén and Old Chichén. Many of the buildings have been restored, giving us a wonderful picture of the splendor of the original complex. Later, we make our way through the verdant jungle to Uxmal.
Hotel: The Lodge at Uxmal
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

December 6: UXMAL
We spend the day in Uxmal, visiting the remarkable Pyramid of the Magician, Nunnery Quadrangle, a beautiful complex of four buildings from several periods enclosing a plaza, House of the Turtles, the richly decorated Great Pyramid and the ornately carved Governor’s Palace.
Hotel: The Lodge at Uxmal
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

December 7: KABAH & LABNÁ
We explore two major sites in the vicinity of Uxmal: Kabah and Labná. Each is unique: Labná for its fine arch, and Kabah for its unusual mask-covered palace.
Hotel: Hotel Plaza Colonial
Meals: Breakfast & lunch

December 8: CAMPECHE
We visit the Archaeological Museum in Campeche, which houses the treasures from the tombs at Calakmul including two fabulous jade death masks, and the unique small Museum of Maya Architecture and Stelae. We then continue to Calakmul.
Hotel: Hotel Puerta Calakmul
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

December 9: CALAKMUL
We explore the impressive city of Calakmul. The enormous acropolis, is larger in area than the Central Acropolis at Tikal. We climb the great pyramid to enjoy the spectacular view over the ancient landscape. We spend the remainder of the afternoon enjoying all of the wildlife and natural beauty the reserve has to offer.
Hotel: Hotel Puerta Calakmul
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

December 10: BECÁN & BALAMKU
We begin in Becán. The ancient name of the site is unknown, archaeologists chose the name, meaning “ravine” after the site’s most unusual feature – a moat. We also visit Balamku, home to elaborate plaster facades dating back to the Early Classic period, and one of the largest surviving stucco friezes of the Maya world.
Hotel: Hotel Puerta Calakmul
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

December 11: PALENQUE
We travel to Palenque. Set in the lush vegetation of Sierra de Chiapas, it is one of the most outstanding Maya ceremonial centers we will see. We will explore the magnificent structures of this large site.
Hotel: Hotel Ciudad Real, Palenque
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

December 12: PALENQUE
We will spend the full day touring this magnificent city. At the day’s end we visit the local museum which exhibits many of the artifacts from the site.
Hotel: Hotel Ciudad Real, Palenque
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

December 13: YAXCHILÁN
We begin our day in Frontera, where we embark on a river trip on the Río Usumacinta to Yaxchilán. From 600 to 800 AD, the rulers of Yaxchilán built dozens of elaborately decorated temples. This magnificent site sits on the banks of the river and is completely surrounded by a forest of a variety of trees draped with vines and orchids. Colorful parrots and red macaws fly overhead and monkeys and other wildlife scamper through the bush. We continue to Bonampak, renowned for its murals depicting scenes of Maya elite dressed in jaguar-skin robes, prisoners and musicians. These scenes of tribute begin on the doorjambs. As the visitor moves through the rooms, the theme of battle and victory over vassal states develops.
Hotel: Hotel Ciudad Real, Palenque
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

We travel to San Cristóbal de Las Casas, stopping en route to visit the Classicperiod Maya site of Toniná. Its series of seven artificial terraces, each having numerous temples and tombs, were adorned with life-sized portraits of rulers in full battle dress. After visiting the extensive site, we wend our way up to San Cristóbal de Las Casas, known for its beauty and its fascinating Indian culture. We gather tonight for our farewell dinner.
Hotel: Casa Mexicana, San Cristóbal de Las Casas
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Our full morning in the highlands will take us into the countryside to visit some of the region’s charming villages, including San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan. The afternoon will be at leisure to explore San Cristóbal de Las Casas on our own.
Hotel: Casa Mexicana, San Cristobal
Meals: Breakfast

December 16:
This morning we depart early for Tuxtla Gutierrez. We fly home from here via
Mexico City.
Meals: Breakfast




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