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Splendors of Ancient Egypt

Popular interest in Ancient Egypt is often limited to pyramids and mummies. There is so much more to this wonderful land.
Exploring outstanding archaeological sites alongside our notable scholar, you will gain unmatched insight into the culture of
ancient Egypt and discover the profound influence it has had on the West.

October 19 – 4 November 2018 (16 Days)
$5,995 (exc. international airfare)
Single supp: $885


Tour Description

The towering pyramids are the most well-known of Egypt’s ancient attractions, but this country, with its rich and complex history, has so much more to give. From temples to tombs, museums to monuments, we take in all that Egypt has to offer.


  • Visit Abusir’s necropolis of the Old Kingdom
  • Wander through Karnak where the vast sprawling complex is largely dedicated to Amun
  • Head to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Cruise along the Nile, stopping to visit sites including the unusual double temple at Kom Ombo
  • Explore the mummy rooms of the Egyptian Museum alongside an expert Egyptologist

Oct 2018
Dr. Luigi Prada

2018 Itinerary

We arrive in Cairo and transfer to our hotel. In the morning we tour Sakkara’s museum and visit the Step Pyramid complex of Djoser.
Hotel: Mena House Hotel, Giza.

Today we visit one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramid of Giza and the phenomenal monolith, the Sphinx.
Hotel: Mena House Hotel, Giza.

View objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun at the Egyptian museum, visit the Citadel and explore the Khan el-Kalili bazaars.
Hotel: Mena House Hotel, Giza.

Located at the royal necropolis of Dahshur, the Red Pyramid is the last of Snefru’s buildings and the third largest pyramid in Egypt. Here, we marvel at their development following their creation at Sakkara. Next, we are granted exclusive permission to Abusir, where most of the 5th Dynasty Pharaohs built their pyramids.
Hotel: Mena House Hotel, Giza.

Begin the day with a morning flight to Luxor. After lunch at our hotel, we visit the Karnak temple complex. We also stop at Luxor Musuem which contains various antiquities.
Hotel: Sonesta St George Hotel, Luxor.

We cross the Nile to explore the Valley of the Kings and Queens, which is home to the tomb of Tutankhamun. After spending some time here, we go to the Temple of Queen Hatsheput – who was once the 5th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt at Deir el-Bahri. Located on the west bank of the Nile, this complex mortuary of temples and tombs in the necropolis of Thebes, is a truly spectacular monument steeped in captivating history.
Hotel: Sonesta St George Hotel, Luxor.

Returning to the west bank of the Nile, we discover the tombs of the Nobles, many of which are dedicated to the likes of governors and administrators. Next, we visit the village of artisans, Deir el-Medina.
Hotel: Sonesta St George Hotel, Luxor.

Today, we tour one of the oldest cities in ancient Egypt, Abydos. Here we view the Temple of Seti I and the famous List of Kings inscription. Following lunch, we make a stop at the visually impressive Temple of Hathor.
Hotel: Sonesta St George Hotel, Luxor.

We begin with a visit to the Ramesseum and this afternoon, we board the MS Farah to enjoy a late excursion to the Temple of Luxor.
Hotel: MS Farah, Nile Cruise Ship.

We spend the morning at leisure, enjoy lunch and partake in an afternoon lecture as we sail to Edfu. Known for its Ptolemaic temple and ancient settlement, there will be time to explore the enigmatic city of Edfu tomorrow.
Hotel: MS Farah, Nile Cruise Ship.

We start our day at the Temple of Edfu, an incredibly well-preserved Temple of the falcon god, Horus. After lunch on-board, we visit Kom Ombo. This agricultural town, often called the Acropolis of Egypt, is equally dedicated to two gods – Horus and Sobek. This evening, we enjoy dinner and a lecture from our expert scholar on the MS Farah.
Hotel: MS Farah, Nile Cruise Ship.

Today we sail to Aswan, a city in the south of Egypt, to tour the quarry where an unfinished obelisk remains suspended in stone. We will also view the High Dam, which is built across the Nile. We end the day’s tours with a viewing of Philae – a Ptolemaic temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess, Isis.
Hotel: MS Farah, Nile Cruise Ship.

We leave the MS Farah and transfer to Aswan’s stunning 5-star Mövenpick hotel. Our first stop today is the Kalabsha which was built on the site of a sanctuary that was founded by Amenhotep II, the 7th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. In the afternoon, we visit the fantastic Museum of Nubian Civilization where we will gain a greater insight into the culture, history and archaeology of the area. We end the day with a special farewell dinner.
Hotel: Mövenpick Hotel, Aswan

After an early flight to Abu Simel, we visit the unique rock temples dedicated to Ramesses II and his favorite queen, Nefetari. This iconic temple was built to honor the royal pair. We fly back to Cairo this afternoon.
Hotel: Le Meridien, Cairo Airport

We fly home today arriving on day 17.



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2018 Accommodation

2018 Accommodation

Mena House Hotel, GizaMena House Hotel, Giza

Surrounded by 40 acres of lush green gardens, in the shadows of the Pyramids in Cairo, you’ll be treated like royalty in the Mena House Hotel. Some of its previous guests include Heads of State & Kings. The luxury hotel boasts hand-carved furniture, original works of art and rooms to watch the sun rise and set over the great Pyramids.


Sonesta St George Hotel, LuxorSonesta St George Hotel, Luxor

Step into this Egyptian wonder on the banks of the Nile, you’ll be met by the hotel’s magnificent lobby, and look out for the elevators which are designed to look like Pharaohs’ tombs, a lovely quirk reminiscent of the past in this contemporary hotel. Not that it will be easy to forget your surroundings, with a room with a view and the perfectly situated ‘Nobel’s’ Bar’ on the terrace to enjoy an evening’s aperitif in front of the Egyptian sunset.


MS Farah, Nile Cruise ShipFarah-Nile-Cruise-Egypt

Welcome aboard the MS Farah, the Nile’s finest cruise ship.  Step onto the polished floor and into the triple height foyer. The cabins are equally as impressive with comfortable furnishings, Egyptian cotton no less, each room is equipped with private bathroom, TV and luxury amenities. After a day of sightseeing ancient monuments, relax in the contemporary lounge/ bar on board, or enjoy an evening in the steam room and sauna.


Aswan Mövenpick HotelAswan-Mövenpick-Hotel

Back on dry land, you won’t miss the water, as the Mövenpick Resort has spectacular views of the Red Sea & tranquil lagoons surrounded by lush gardens. Spacious rooms with private terraces create open and comfortable spaces to enjoy your stay here. When you’re not enjoying the surrounding views, why not enjoy the hotel’s spa or relax on its exclusive beachfront?



Le Meridien, Cairo AirportLe Meridien, Cairo Airport

Le Meridien Hotel & Spa is in the perfect location to end your adventure in Egypt, the hotel is less than a kilometer from the Sphinx and with views of the pyramids. The spacious & comfortable rooms have AC and are all newly refurbished in a clean and modern style. In the evening grab a drink from the hotel bar and recline in the hotel garden, in the shadow of the great pyramids while you soak up the last of the Egyptian sunshine before heading home.