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Taking the Trans-Siberian Express

June 8 – 23, 2018

Silver Cabin: $17,995 | SS: $5,795

Gold Cabin: $21,595 | SS: $8,495

(exc. international airfare)

Only dinner included on day 1 but all meals are provided for the rest of the trip


Tour Description


  • Private viewing of the Treasure of the Tsars at the Kremlin, Moscow
  • Travel east to west, visiting Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Ulaanbaatar and Vladivostok en-route
  • Brave the ice-cold waters of Lake Baikal and dive in for a swim

  • View a dazzling variety of landscapes, from the harsh beauty of Siberia to the endless steppe of Mongolia
  • Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey in luxury, with private cabins, en-suite bathroom and excellent food


June 2018
Prof. Ori Z. Soltes


The Trans-Siberian Railway can’t help but impress. ‘The fairest jewel in the crown of Tsars’ stretches across European Russia towards the outer edge of Asia, darting through eight time zones along its way. Undoubtedly the world’s greatest railway journey, it runs like a steel ribbon connecting east and west from Moscow over the Urals, across the magnificent endless steppe and alongside the shore of the world’s largest freshwater lake. Opened in stages between 1891 and 1916, this extraordinary engineering achievement is a vital link for all the communities that live in close proximity to the line, and to travel along this route is by far the best way to experience the vastness and grandeur of Russia’s rarely visited interior.


On our scenic Siberian escape, we take in nine completely different but equally fascinating cities and lakeside locations. We also spend a number of full days on board the Trans-Siberian Express. As well, as transporting us comfortably to our destinations, these days offer the opportunity to unwind and reflect on the many sights and sounds we have experienced on our journey so far.

Upon arrival in Moscow we transfer to the lavish Ritz Carlton hotel where we are treated to a celebratory champagne reception. Raise your glass to the incredible adventure we are about to embark upon and enjoy this evening as we welcome in the tour.
Hotel: Ritz Carlton, Moscow.

Today we take in the grandeur of the Kremlin and discover the treasures of the Tsars in the Armoury Chamber, where we will indulge in an exclusive private viewing. We are scheduled to stop for a delicious lunch in Café Pushkin, which is a legendary restaurant that is reminiscent of an early 19th century mansion. We end the day touring the famous State Tretyakov Gallery, which is the national treasury of fine art in Russia and houses an exceptional collection of pieces. This evening we travel to Yaroslavski station, where our magnificent Trans-Siberian Express awaits us. Later, we will sit down to dinner on board this iconic train with its amazing carriages and atmosphere to match, as we begin our epic journey east into the great Russian interior.
Hotel: On board the Golden Eagle.

Situated on the River Volga, the picturesque and historic city of Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan. Here we have the opportunity to see for ourselves its rich tapestry of both history and culture. One of the highlights of this city tour is our exploration of the Kremlin Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within the walls of this ancient citadel we will explore its stunning mosque and picture perfect onion-domed cathedral. As Kazan is the birthplace of one of Russia’s most famous opera singers, Feodor Chaliapin (1873–1938), we honor his memory with a private concert of his music. You will also have time to wander freely and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city.
Hotel: On board the Golden Eagle.

Known as the Great Divide, the Ural Mountains create the natural border between Europe and Asia. Cultural and architectural influences come together seamlessly here to create a fascinating, cosmopolitan landscape. Our city tour then brings us to the poignant site where the Romanov, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, was executed with his family by the Bolsheviks in 1918 after a total of 78 days of imprisonment. Now standing as a church dedicated to their memory, this site provides us with a powerful insight into the incredible turmoil of the Russian Revolution. We will also drive to the obelisk that marks the geographical border, where we can indulge in a glass of champagne with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and well worth commemorating.
Hotel: On board the Golden Eagle.

We arrive in the modern ‘Soviet’ city in the afternoon, and experience the life and character of Novosibirsk’s rich culture. The arts and sciences predominate here and the city is located in the heart of Russia – situated on both banks of the River Ob. There are many tree-lined streets and quiet parks here, which make the city an ideal location for a relaxing walk. Our engaging tour takes us to Lenin Square, where the imposing Opera House – one of our stops – is located. An architectural marvel, it houses two amazing permanent ballet and opera companies, and one of the latter is considered to be one of the largest opera houses in the world today. In front of the formidable edifice, we visit an impressive statue of Lenin — this is a marvelous opportunity to have your photograph taken alongside the iconic political leader. We spend day 6 traveling on the train.
Hotel: On board the Golden Eagle.

After a day spent on board the Trans-Siberian Express we arrive in Irkutsk, known as the ‘Paris of Siberia’. We take in the most significant sites and museums in this fascinating city, including an exploration of the classic wooden architecture, with its intricately carved lace-like decorations, that has given many of this region’s buildings such a distinctive and unique appearance. We also visit the Volkonsky House Museum, which is dedicated to the memory of the aristocrats who were exiled to this remote outpost after the failed Decembrists uprising of 1825. We recreate the atmosphere of that time with a champagne reception and private concert.
Hotel: On board the Golden Eagle.

Few natural sights can surpass the beauty and grandeur of Lake Baikal — a major highlight on our journey. Known as the ‘Pearl of Siberia’, it is home to a unique breed of freshwater seal and over fifty species of fish. We wind our way through tunnels, travel along cliff-hugging tracks above the lake with a vista of snow-capped peaks that form a perfect backdrop. To add to the grandeur of the day, our wonderful Golden Eagle train will be hauled by a Soviet Era steam locomotive on this beautiful section of the line. There will be plenty of opportunities to take photographs of the astounding outside scenery as we curve along the lake.
Hotel: On board the Golden Eagle.

The Buryat capital is one of Eastern Siberia’s most likeable cities. The ethnic and cultural diversity of Ulan Ude offers a unique insight into its heritage. As we tour the area you will notice the different faces of the welcoming Buryat people. During our exploration of the Old Believers’ Village we have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating heritage and rich histories of these religious people, as we are treated to a concert featuring local traditions and folk singing. Ulan Ude also offers a first taste of what’s to come on Day 10, when our Trans-Siberian experience finally reaches the enigmatic nation of Mongolia: a country of beautiful landscapes, nomadic people and captivating culture.
Hotel: On board the Golden Eagle.

Upon arrival in Mongolia we visit its surprising and commercial capital, Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia is mostly famous for its endless green steppes, grazing livestock and white, nomadic Gers (Yurts) dotted all across the countryside, but this city is progressive, vibrant and undeniably exciting. We begin at Gandan Monastery, one of Mongolia’s most important Buddhist Monasteries. We have the option to travel out of the city and into the heart of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery of wild Mongolia. Alternatively, you may wish to stay in Ulaanbaatar and visit the National Museum. This evening, we enjoy a unique treat that is sure to linger in the memory: a captivating performance of traditional Mongolian throat-singing.
Hotel: On board the Golden Eagle.

The next three days are spent at a more leisurely pace on board the train. Watch the unremittingly beautiful landscapes swish past the windows, stimulate your mind with the captivating lectures that are often held on board, or attend one of the many Russian language lessons. You can also just simply relax as you meditate on our previous days and the new experiences and memories they have created. The classically-decorated bar car, which sometimes plays host to a live musician, might be a great place to chat with your fellow travelers and share stories from your journey so far, or instead you may wish to peruse the trains extensive DVD collection and unwind with a movie. From the windows, we can observe the most remote and striking parts of Russia, and the views that this route affords us are nothing short of spectacular.

As we make our way towards the historically significant city of Vladivostok, we can learn a little more about its past. This area was of such vital martial importance that it was actually closed to foreigners between the years of 1930 and 1992. It is a breathtaking place with mountains, a whole network of bays and a magnificent bridge that crosses the Eastern Bosphorous strait. The city is home to a diverse range of attractions, as well as many fantastic bars and restaurants that showcase the local flavor, and there will be ample time to discover some of these gems once we finally arrive here tomorrow.
Hotel: On board the Golden Eagle.

Today we finally reach Vladivostok and have the opportunity to visit a number of interesting military attractions if we so wish. Aside from the preserved World War II submarine, which makes for a fascinating stop in itself, there is the Old Vladivostok Fortress. Interestingly, construction on this began after defense fortifications needed to be significantly improved during the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905. In 2016, a daily cannon shot was reintroduced to the area after this tradition, which had ceased eight years previously, was deeply missed and petitioned for by local citizens. The architectural heritage of the city is also incredibly rich and it incorporates the Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Asian styles into the buildings that stand there. To celebrate our final night, we join one last time as a group and have a special farewell dinner where we can toast the past two weeks.
Hotel: Hyundai Hotel, Vladivostok

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Ritz Carlton, MoscowRitz

In the heart of Imperialist Russia, The Ritz-Carlton reflects all the grandeur and beauty of such a magnificent century. The décor has accents of gold and polished wood and marble. The rooms are equipped with signature Ritz-Carlton beds and the latest amenities including state of the art electronic finger-tip panels to control lighting and curtains. The rooftop O2 Lounge makes the perfect place to relax and take in the historical & cultural sights, including the adjacent Kremlin and Red Square.



Hyundai Hotel, VladivostokHyundai

We arrive at this contemporary hotel towering above Vladivostok. The ornate interior welcomes you with its marble and glistening crystal façade, and the rooms are equally impressive with views out across this urban hub of neon lights, bridges, and historic buildings.  The ‘Pacific’ bar on the 12th floor, also appropriately named the hotel’s sky bar, will leave you with an unforgettable experience as you can enjoy live music, chose from a selection of drinks while looking out at the panoramic views of the city.



The Golden Eagle


Why settle for less than luxury train travel? Golden Eagle Luxury Trains is the world’s leading operator of exclusive, long-distance rail tours. The Trans-Siberian Express is their flagship tour, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands during your stay.

In between days spent in Moscow, Kazan, Novosibirsk and more, we spend Days 6, 11, 12 and 13 onboard the Trans-Siberian Express. You can enjoy a more leisurely pace, relaxing and taking in the beautiful landscape of the Russian Far East as it passes by your window. If you’d rather stimulate your mind you could always attend an interesting lecture or two, or work on your Russian language skills instead.

Silver Cabin

Silver Class cabins, at 60 sq ft (5.5 sq meters), are more compact than their Gold Class cousins, but still offer a comfortable resting place for weary travelers. Silver Class cabins feature a small double lower bed and a single upper bed. The Silver Class cabins have private en-suite wet room with a washbasin, toilet and shower.

What’s Included

  • Remote controlled air-conditioning and heating
  • Recessed lighting and wardrobe
  • Personal safe
  • Private en-suite bathroom with ‘wet-room’ style shower and toilet
  • Bathrobes, slippers and toiletries provided
  • DVD/CD player with LCD screens
  • Towels and linens changed every second day or daily on request
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water available at all times

Gold Cabin

Travel in true style when staying in a Gold Class cabin. At 77 sq ft (7 sq meters) Gold Class cabins are extremely well-proportioned and have everything including a private bathroom with separate power shower cubicle and underfloor heating. Guests in Gold Class can also enjoy complimentary drinks from the Standard Bar List in the Bar Lounge Car.

What’s Included

  • Remote controlled air-conditioning and heating
  • Recessed lighting and wardrobe
  • Personal safe
  • Private en-suite bathroom with full power shower and underfloor heating
  • Bathrobes, slippers and toiletries provided
  • DVD/CD player with LCD screens
  • Towels and linens changed every second day or daily on request
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water in cabin available at all times
  • Drinks in the Bar Lounge Car included from the Standard Bar List

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