Caroline Malone


Professor Caroline Malone is Professor of Prehistory at Queen’s University, Belfast and Principal Investigator of the European Research Council Advanced Research Project entitled FRAGSUS ( in Malta and Gozo.

After earning her BA, MA and PhD from University of Cambridge in Archaeology, she began her career as curator of the Alexander Keiller Museum at Avebury and later Inspector of Ancient Monuments for English Heritage. She went on to become Senior Tutor of Hughes Hall, Cambridge, UK, editor of Antiquity, Keeper of the Department of Prehistory and Early Europe at the British Museum, all while also lecturing at University of Bristol and University of Cambridge.

Her research interests include fieldwork in mainland Italy (since 1983), Malta (since 1987), Sicily (since 1997), and Britain (present). Specific topics include archaeological theory and practice; Neolithic and Copper Age societies of Britain, Europe, and the Mediterranean; island archaeology; landscape and settlement archaeology; and cultural resource management.

Tours in 2019

Sicily & Southern Italy: Classical Crossroads of the Mediterranean

Malta, Sardinia & Corsica: An Odyssey of Islands