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Dr Clive Vella

Dr Clive VellaDr Clive Vella is a Maltese archaeologist, now situated in the United States. His doctoral degree at Brown University was preceded by a decade of working as a professional archaeologist in Malta and Italy. During this period I worked as a private contractor for numerous clients, including Maltese government entities, non-governmental organizations, private land developers, etc. His research on Maltese stone tools led him to publish a number of articles that are part of a growing revision on the material culture of the Maltese Temple Period. He has also led and created programs for K12 public education, often characterized by experiential activities and hands-on sessions.

At Brown University, he worked on the origins of inequality in the prehistoric Central Mediterranean, characterized at the time by non-hierarchical societies. This work has allowed him to also think about modern inequality and how it is ingrained in our own societies through an archaeological perspective. I also taught a number of classes for Brown University undergraduates, while I participated as an Instructor in the Summer Pre-College Program for four years.

Since 2012, he has worked with Brock University at Pantelleria as the Assistant Director of a field school on a Punic-Roman site, while contributing to work in Jordan, Malta, and southern Italy. Some of his research on field discoveries, cultural heritage issues, island archaeology, prehistoric monuments, and material culture are now found on peer-review journals such as Journal of Field Archaeology, Journal of Archaeological Science, Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology, and Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology.