Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg

Dr-Jo-Anne-Van-TilburgDr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg is a Research Associate of The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she also directs the Rock Art Archive.

She is director of the Easter Island Statue Project (EISP) (www.easterislandstatueproject.org), an island-wide inventory of the famous monoliths, and has recently completed the GPS mapping of the ancient statue quarry.

Dr. Tilburg has worked on Easter Island for over 30 years and is widely considered to be one of world’s leading experts on the Easter Island statues. “Doctor Among Stone Giants” (Scribner’s 2003) is her biography of Katherine Routledge, the first woman archaeologist in the Pacific. Dr. Tilburg is strongly committed to conservation and public outreach, and has worked with Easter Island local communities throughout her career. She has published extensively and her work has been featured on PBS Nova, the BBC and elsewhere. She has led several tours to Easter Island for the British Museum and Archaeological Tours.

Tours in 2016

Chile & Easter Island | Nov 6 – 19