Dr Martin Goldberg

Dr-Martin-GoldbergDr Martin Goldberg is Early Historic and Viking Curator at the National Museum of Scotland. He studied at the University of Glasgow, and in 2009 was awarded a PhD for his thesis: “Divinities and Ritual Sites of Rivers in Northern England and Southern Scotland”. He is also the co-author of “Early Medieval Scotland: Individuals, Communities and Ideas”. In addition to his academic research, Martin has excavated all over Scotland. He has previously worked for GUARD (Glasgow University Archaeological Research), participating in community archaeology projects in the remote Shetland Islands off the North coast of Scotland.

Now based at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, his work includes overseeing the conservation of a recently discovered hoard of late Roman and Pictish silver coins, found in North East Scotland. Dr. Goldberg hopes this find will enable us to shed new light on the interaction between the Picts and the late Roman world.

Tours in 2016

The Borders: England & Scotland | Jun 4 -17