Dr Robert Bianchi

Dr-Robert-BianchiDr Robert Bianchi received his Ph.D. in Egyptian, Greek and Roman Art from New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts and served as a curator for 15 years in the Department of Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Middle Eastern Art at The Brooklyn Museum.

He has received numerous academic awards during his career including a J. Clawson Mills Fellowship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a Bert H. Hill Fellowship at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens as well as a Fulbright Fellowship at the Egyptian Museum in Berlin. Author of numerous articles and books, Dr. Bianchi has mounted international loan exhibitions of ancient and modern art in America, Europe, the Caribbean and Japan.

Dr Bianchi has served as an advisor for the Learning Channel’s cable TV series, Archaeology. Dr. Bianchi is a popular lecturer and has led tours for Archaeological Tours to Greece, Sicily, Egypt, Syria, and the Balkans for more than 25 years.

Tours in 2016

Balkans | Sep 5 – 21