Prof Calogero M. Santoro

Prof-Calogero-M-SantoroProf Calogero M. Santoro is Professor of Archaeology at the Universidad de Tarapacá in Arica, Chile and editor of Chungara Revista de Antropología Chilena published by the same university. He received his MA in archaeology at Cornell University and his PhD at the University of Pittsburgh. He has taught courses on South American Prehistory, Archaeology, as well as Peoples and Cultures of World Prehistory and has done archaeological research along the dry valleys, the Pacific coast, and the highland of northern Chile for over 25 years.

Professor Santoro has directed excavations focused on late farming societies related to the Inka state and early highland hunter and gatherers at Lluta and Azapa Valleys near Arica. He also participated in field work in the Orongo Ceremonial Center, Easter Island in 1974, under the leadership of William Mulloy. His work, which is supported by grants and fellowships from national and international institutions and foundations, has been published in various books and journals.

Tours in 2016

Chile & Easter Island | Nov 6 – 19