Prof Charles Doherty


Prof Charles Doherty Charles Doherty recently retired as senior lecturer in Early Irish History at University College Dublin. Since 2009 he has been president of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. He has written numerous articles on the cult of St. Patrick, the concept of the monastic town, the impact of the Vikings upon Ireland, the evolution of settlement in early Ireland and on the kingship of Tara. His work on kingship has focused on the archaeology of Tara, Emain Macha, Dún Ailinne and Cruachan from the Neolithic to the later Middle Ages, interpreting the monuments in the light of kingship ritual.

Professor Doherty has lectured at the international medieval congresses at Leeds and Kalamazoo, at the University of California Celtic Studies Conference. In 2008 he was the B.K. Smith Lecturer in the University of St Thomas, Houston. In July 2012 he gave the keynote address at the International Congress of Celtic Studies in Dublin. Professor Doherty is looking forward to introducing us to the history of his beautiful island.

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