Prof Craig G.R. Benjamin


Prof Craig G.R. Benjamin is an Associate Professor in the History Department at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, where he teaches courses in ancient Central and East Asian history, and on the Silk Roads. Professor Benjamin received his PhD from Macquarie University in Sydney, where he studied nomadic confederations of ancient Central Asia and their impact upon the Chinese Han dynasty and Greco-Bactria.

An experienced lecturer, Professor Benjamin is the author of numerous published articles, chapters and books, and is editor of several volumes in the Brepols Silk Roads Studies series. His most recent book (published by Brepols in 2007) is “The Yuezhi: Origin, Migration and the Conquest of Northern Bactria”. He is currently under contract to co-author three new world history textbooks for McGraw-Hill and Facts on File, including the first ever “Big History” textbook. Professor Benjamin is a dynamic lecturer who specializes in placing local and regional events and material cultures into the broader context of inner Eurasian history.

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