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Prof Kenneth W. Harl


Prof Kenneth W. Harl Professor of Classical and Byzantine History at Tulane University, received his B.A. from Trinity College and M.A. and PhD. from Yale University. He has published on the history and coinage of the Roman world with an emphasis on the Greek cities of Asia Minor (modern Turkey).

A distinguished scholar, he has received fellowships in Germany and Turkey, sat on editorial boards and directed the graduate seminar of the American Numismatic Society. Professor Harl regularly travels in Turkey, where he is publishing the coins from the excavations at Gordion and Metropolis. He has won numerous teaching awards at Tulane, and the national David Cherry Teaching Award granted by Baylor University.

Professor Harl has led excursions of Tulane students to Turkey. He has also produced six courses in video and DVD with the Teaching Company, and he has been interviewed for specials by the BBC and History Channel.

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