Prof Richard Cooler

Prof-Richard-CoolerProf Richard Cooler is Professor of Art History and Director of the Center for Burma Studies at Northern Illinois University.

He has lived, lectured, and conducted research in Thailand, Burma and Malaysia for many years. An accomplished lecturer, he received a Fulbright to develop a curriculum in Southeast Asian art and archaeology while teaching at the University of Sains, Malaysia. Professor Cooler recently published his book, “The Magic Pond: The Karen Bronze Drums of Burma”.

In 2013, Professor Cooler assisted with establishing the provenance of a 1000 year old rare standing statue of the Buddha from Burma. The statue was stolen from a remote temple, but, thanks to the valiant efforts of the Professor and his colleagues, it was eventually returned to its rightful home.

Tours in 2016

Indonesia | Aug 1 – 21

Vietnam & Cambodia | Nov 17 – Dec 5