Prof Robert R. Stieglitz

Prof-Robert-R-StieglitzProf Robert R. Stieglitz is an Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at Rutgers University. He has excavated in the United States, Greece and Israel, surveyed throughout the Mediterranean world, and is currently excavating on the Mediterranean coast of Israel.

Professor Stieglitz is the recipient of numerous academic honors and awards, and author of over 100 articles on the ancient Near East and Mediterranean. He has taught at universities in Greece and Israel, and was formerly Curator of the National Maritime Museum, Haifa.

For over fifteen years, Professor Stieglitz has led tours to Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Malta, Sardinia and Corsica for Archaeological Tours. Interested in ancient metrology and shipwrecks? “Classical Greek Measures and the Builder’s Instruments from the Ma’agan Mikhael Shipwreck”, by Robert R. Stieglitz, published in the American Journal of Archaeology and online at: