Prof Robert Thorp

Prof-Robert-ThorpProf Robert Thorp recently retired as Professor of Chinese Art and Archaeology at Washington University. Professor He is a specialist in the art and archaeology of early China, and has taught courses on Chinese archaeology, painting and architecture, and Buddhist art.

He is a member of the United States team that, together with the Institute of Archaeology, Beijing, is surveying the Anyang region, the location of the Shang capital.

Professor Thorp recently published his book “Chinese Art and Culture”, with Harry N. Abrams, New York. Previous works include “China in the Early Bronze Age – Shang civilization”. He was a collaborator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Great Bronze Age of China” exhibit and the American curator of “Son of Heaven: Imperial Arts of China”, a loan exhibition from China.

Tours in 2016

China: Sacred Landscapes | May 15 – Jun 4

Ancient Japan | Mar 31 – Apr 14

Japan: Archaeology & Tradition | Oct 6 – 23