Prof. William Saturno


Prof. William Saturno is Assistant Professor of Archaeology at Boston University. He received his BA from the University of Arizona and his PhD at Harvard University. Prof.Saturno has conducted research in Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. From 1994 to 2000 he was the field director of the Rio Amarillo Archaeology Project, studying the ancient sociopolitical relationships between Maya cities in western Honduras.

In 2001 Prof. Saturno discovered the remote archaeological site of San Bartolo and the oldest intact Maya murals found to date. Since then he has directed the San Bartolo Regional Archaeological Project, dedicated to understanding San Bartolo’s role in this largely unexplored region during the period when Maya civilization was forming. His academic interests include the evolution of complex society, particularly among the ancient Maya, Mesoamerican religion, iconography and epigraphy. Professor Saturno has led tours for Archaeological Tours for over seven years.

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